8th Day: Drugs

One week goes by and I didn’t touch at this concern: Drugs. I think now is the time.

As an alternative society in the middle of an European Metropolis, Christiania has a lot of amazing ideas and a one particular way of life in a Freetown. What means to live in Freetown?

For me, it’s a kind of city where there are no rules, you can do what you want, in the time you want, respecting all the people around you.

It’s not the same for the people outside Christiania. They seems don’t understand what means live in a Freetown or they don’t even want to understand what it means.

In the heart of a huge urban city and without the police presence, all the hash dealers seems to have meeting in here, in a kind of Free Trade Area to the hash market. Freetown doesn’t mean Freetrade. Christiania seems suffer a lot with it. The mistake is to think that it’s a problem started in here. Christiania don’t know how deal with it without the police force. It seems a problem of a huge city being administrated by a little community… It’s impossible to resolve at the Christiania scale because it’s not a problem of Christiania… it’s a problem from outside her…

There are a lot of politics concerns involved in this matter. I can’t touch it in here because would have no space to relate it in a personal blog. I don’t want say Christiania is a victim of the drug but this Freetrade seems a kind of external political extortion to try to finish with the Freetown.

The people seem to link Freetown with drug’s use. It’s sad to see a community with so beautiful and pure ideals suffering with the wrong understanding.

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