7th Day: The Events in Christiania

Today I visited a friend in the Gallopperiet Gallery, the Art Gallery in Christiania. We had a nice chat. He presented me the old and the new Christiania Map and told me about some events that usually happens in Christiania.

As many others cities in the world, Christiania does have your Cinema, your Church, your Art Gallery and your open parties. The Cinema uses to open every Sunday at 21 pm; the Church at the same time. The Art Gallery uses to open every day from 14 to 19h but Monday (Every Sunday the artists use to goes there so, it’s a nice day to visit it).

Today is happening an interesting party at “The Beach”, a place in the border of the lake and near of the kindergarten. The Event is called Sølyst and there is presentation of little boys and girls that use to sing traditional Danish songs. They are very pretty. After the show we’ll a lunch and around 20h will start the presentation of young bands… at the night I think will be there some DJs so, there’s parties for all ages in the same place :-)

The Nemoland is a little public square that uses to take open air shows every Sunday. It gather a lot of young to hear music and to do picnic. Christiania is a place full of events… the city seems blooming every day. Today I noticed a new pamphlet with the dates of the next Christiania Festival (June 26th and 27th). There is events also to those doesn’t use to come to music events: free workshops, meditation’s house, vegetarian restaurant and some cafes with no smoking areas.

I think there’s a bit for everybody.

View of the Nemoland from up to the hill

Loppen and Gallopperiet Building near the entrace

The kindergarten

The Sølyst

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