5th Day: A Little Tour

Walking unadvertised through the Pusher Street I found one of the friends who invited me to come to Christiania. He was very kind to introduce me faster in a short tour.

Walking by the principal streets he told me about a day in a month when everybody gets a tool and helps to “clean” Christiania! But the surprise came when he spoke that everybody should get a bath before/after of it! This kind of “Day of cleaning” is the kind of thing that helps the place to be how it is: personal and humane.

Walking through the city, we showed me the place where the machines of Christiania are stored, where the garbage goes, the laundry, the bakery, the postal office, the art gallery, the workshops and a skate park indoor! That fascinated me. He told me they need to have everything that a normal city does have because Copenhagen doesn’t help them with anything.

I felt very happy because it makes me feel an active citizen in this city. It is like: Do by your city because it needs of you. I could notice that in most of the big cities the citizen doesn’t feel like participant of that. In most of cases we seem to be a prisoner of a huge system of bureaucracy and rules. I feel integrated at the Christiania Freetown.

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