6th Day: I look for a friend at the weekend

It’s almost 10Pm and I can even see the sunlight. It’s a bit strange to me, Brazilian, who doesn’t have the sunlight around 6pm. Seems the night doesn’t arrives in Christiania.

Sure the Christiania doesn’t have the night… the same way she don’t even have the morning. The time in Christiania is only one… The city has the same melody, the same rhythm 24h per day. Sun or rain. Day or night. Every other day. The number of people crossing its streets doesn’t increase or decrease. It never stops. The time seems in a looping in here.

As many other cities in the world, Christiania is a place to be lived together. She does have comfortable places where you can be alone but the synchrony with the city came when you’re in couple or more. I didn’t live it yet but I can feel it. She looks like the Lapa in Rio de Janeiro, or like the Chinatown in London, or even like Taksim in Turkey. I look for a friend to the next weekend.

The fashion places in here seem to be the Nemoland, the Woodstock and the Lopen. They concentrate the greatest number of people. The fireplaces at the cans in the dark streets warm our slow ride. The rock’n roll and the warm chats’ sounds don’t allow the silence of the night. The sunlight takes time to get out. Christiania doesn’t close her eyes.

The Nemoland at night 01

The Nemoland at night 02

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