11th Day: Cars Not Allowed

After the many tentative that the most great cities in world is trying to finish or decrease the number of cars in their roads, Christiania seems to reached it with success. There’s no use of cars inside the town.

The many signs scattered in the roads says “Car-free Zone”. For the most residents it means less pollution and welfare in the roads where children can freely run. How they achieve it? The answer is bikes. Christiania is in the world bike’s history. Here was invented the "ladcykel" (cargo bikes) also called as boxcycles.

Many different models are shared in two exclusive shops. One of them still produces the cargo bikes in here. They have a huge workshop and the different models are located at the sidewalk. The other one does have a beautiful show window where the bikes are exposed like jewels.

It’s really pretty to watch parents carrying on their children from the kindergarten at the evening.



Precious Bikes

Shop and Workshop of Christiania Bikes

The Cargo Bikes

Sign for the car drivers

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