14th Day: The Little Places

Christiania is a city full of secret places. We can even find it in the hills, in the top of the trees, in the middle of gardens, inside the squares and under the earth. Each day I find one different little space.

The most of these little spaces fit inside two or three people. They seem have been built to gather friends who wants to protection against of the cool wind. They have many different shapes and each one seems to be painted by a different person. They are built in wood, in glass, in metal and even with branch and leaves.

They are frequently used by friends at the night to chat, to do picnic, to smoke or drink. This kind of space is a really good particularity in Christiania’s space due the simplicity they were build. They are even more special when they surprise us while we walk through the paths near of the lake in the borders of the city.

This kind of human intervention gives to the urban space a human touch. They remember our childhood and the houses on the trees. They even create a personal atmosphere and a kind of feeling that’s your space

Little place found near of the lake

Little place even used as slide by children

Little bench near of the Maelkeboetten

Little place found in the paths though the lake

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