10th Day: The Christiania’s Gates

Another thing which can be interesting to Christiania is to change the visibility to the Pusher Street and to the others roads. Among this strategy we would reach the first step to finish the division between Copenhagen and Christiania.

This strategy would pass by the Christiania’s gates. Despite of the many different entrances Christiania do have, seems the city doesn’t explore their particularities. There is only one or maybe two main entrances to the most visitors and tourists whom arrive in here. Both of these two main entrances guide the paths to the Pusher Street which helps to keep the feeling of closed community. The number of people crossing their entrances is incredible huge but the others entrances are very used by another whom doesn’t live in Christiania.

The particularities of the Christiania’s entrances are about the art. The number of drawings and the thematic they carry on is different one to the other. It is really nice to identify the multiple interpretations you can have from the Christiania history by the gates. There are messages like: “Welcome to Christiania”, “No photo, please” and “4. Fuck the new world order”... while getting out from Christiania you does have messages like: “Good bye” and “You are now entering the EU”

A new way to keep the identity of the Freetown is to rethink the others entrances. To explore the potential of the gates can create sympathy and a magical feeling to the outsiders. News gates and fewer walls between both cities have the potential to finish the ghetto character which Christiania has today.

Black Arrow: The Main entrance and the Pusher Street / Red Arrows: The unexplored entrances

Behind of the Main Entrance…

A Shinny and beautiful entrance to the Pusher Street

“F*** New World Order”

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