15th Day: Celebrate the Community

Today was the day of the “Communal Things”… I dedicate my time to participate and feel more integrated with this community. The first one was the Action Day, the second one was the meeting with a friend and the third and final one was the barbecue.

The Action Day is one day in a month where people are invited to do something to Christiania. They can sweep the floor, paint something or even fix anything broken. I offered myself to clean the garden in the Christiania’s entrance. It was a nice experience to me. There I could spend some time of my day thinking about how to keep clean the urban space of the cities and specially the Christiania urban space. I became disappointed with the number of the people involved but they told me that use to have more people in particular occasions. I knew some people and increased the number of friends in here.

At the lunch’s time I met a nice girl who is participating of the CRIR program. She was really kind with me. She told me about the community feeling in Christiania and the way they used to do together the things in the past. Everybody in here seems create a kind of strong relationship which helps to keep one of each other. She even told me about how the process of finish with the fences started near of her house.

At the evening I was invited to participate of a lunch in one of the neighborhoods. There were around 20 people eating on a group of small tables. Together that group of table was forming one huge table. We chat about many things and the language wasn’t a problem. The people were really kind in speak in the english language with me. This way we could share many different experiences.

It’s important to experience a different way to live in community. Today a huge number of people live in flats all around the world. They don’t even know their neighbors. It does quite strange arrive in here and notice that everybody forms a kind of huge and beautiful family. Everybody knew each other. It happened from the morning at the Action Day till the evening. At the same way it was strange to me, it was too familiar. I felt like one with them. It is important today… in our cities.

I’m sorry due have not any image for today… I was very busy doing the social things ;-)

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