16th Day: The open spaces

I use to study open spaces where I live, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I think it’s a good time to write about it.

Christiania does have some good open spaces. Some of them are very well used while others are not. The good ones are the Nemoland square, the cafe square and the little playground in front of the Loppen. They are normally used by the bars nearest and as playgrounds by the children. They help to characterize the urban space.

The ones which are no very well utilized are the green area near of the skate indoor, the entrance space and the one between Operaen and the Nemoland. These spaces do have a big area and a big potential. They can be used by many different ways but in the moment they are abandoned, without any care and seems to be a kind of space without any meaning. It’s an urban problem which needs to be solved otherwise there’s a big chance of Christiania earns unpleasant spaces.

The abandonment of the open spaces propitiates an unexpected use like illegal commerce and garbage storage. These kinds of uses create a bad image of the city. Who seize these abandoned open spaces are mainly people whom doesn’t even care of the space … they are a kind of parasite of the space. They use it because the space doesn’t seem to have owner.

Some of the open spaces in Christiania do have fences. I ask myself what it better to do: Close the space with fence and doesn’t care of it of leave the space open keeping of it…

The urban space of Christiania is really beautiful today but it’s threatened by disengagement of their owners who doesn’t care about them. The open spaces of a city are the place where the community gather and share communal things and celebrations. I think about to improve these open spaces ;-)

Open Spaces in Christiania

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