21st Day: How to improve Christiania’s Image

One of the challenges in study the Christiania Open Spaces is identify the problems of the city and propose improvements. Christiania is city full of personality. Any intervention in the Community needs to respect the way of life which was constructed almost 40 years ago.

The significant features about Christiania are: An urban space full of creativity expressed by artistic interventions and the Christiania’s history which contemplates politic, communal and environmental/natural aspects. The representative words for Christiania are: Art, History, Urban Space, Creativity, Politic, Nature and Community. Sure there are many other features in Christiania but these ones really stimulated me.

About studying the open spaces in Christiania I feel I should propose some new improvements which can highlight the Christiania’s attributes. To tide all these characteristics in a single project is the key for the success. An urban interference should deal with the community to improve these features instead of change anything in the Freetown. This is the way I’m thinking about the proposal I’ll show next week.

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