18th Day: The Architecture Which Came From the Dreams

Another particularity of Christiania is the character of its architecture. As Architect I might say: I couldn’t imagine or expect one thing like this before arrive in here.

The fantasy and the dream seem to arrived in here. We can live all sorts of combinations of shapes and colors by many different ways. Different scale and times living together, one house does have dragon’s eyes in the clocks of its chimney, another house does have a rocket at your door… Huge ladies in metal, dragons and monsters scattered through the whole city. The architecture is done by non-architects. It’s true and it works.

I’ve heard some interesting old histories about German builders, about carpenters and about local artists. I can’t think how they started the process of build a society like this at almost 40 years ago. I don’t even think they did it consciously. The people who started this process learned how to live in a place without any rules but respecting each other. This is the most important rule.

I feel like living in a playground. My childhood seems never get over. I walk through the roads with a smile on my face. I start my creative process even looking my real world. The magical real one.

One Indian influence…

A dragon chimney

House near of the Kindergarten

A house that looks like 3 instead 1

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