19th Day: Two Higher Spots

Looking the Christiania skyline we can notice two higher constructions: The Chimney and the Tower of the Church. Maybe the people say: Why the Tower if Christiania doesn’t have any tower in its Church?

It’s really magical to be out of Christiania and look the horizon with these two focal points. I speak about the Tower of the Church Our Saviour because this tower is completely integrated with the Christiania’s image. The Vor Frelsers Kirke is a church sited outside Christiania. The tower does have a particular architectural design which is easily attributed to the Christiania’s urban space. The helicoidally shape tower with a sphere on the top is a quite strange image to a church… it’s even gold! The tower seems to be moving every time you look it. The same magical looping presents in the Christiania art design.

The Chimney is another different approach of this city. It is not preserved like a historical icon. It does have ivy in most part of the building. For me, the chimney works like an obelisk, a kind of troffy to this sustainable city. It’s a cultural troffy. And it looks perfectly good.

One tower and one chimney. The two visible points which take you out of order after you look to the horizon. There are no limits to the human creativity. The world can be happy with a lot of irony.

The Two Higher Spots

The Tower of the Church Our Saviour

The chimney covered of ivy

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