22nd Day: How implement a New Project in Christiania

Thinking academically as an Urbanist I might say that all urban problems should be resolved through the urban design… well… it doesn’t sounds very good…

There are many things involved in an urban project. The conception process and the implementation process require abilities very different. An Urbanist should have the ability to gather and link many different scientific knowledge as for example, sociology, mathematics, physics, statistics, arts, geography, economy, etc. The much different scientific knowledge resume of a cultural way of life in a society. The urban project should contemplate these knowledges and express them in the city’s public space.

To implement an urban project in Christiania we should respect its cultural way of life. The implementation process should be cheaper and respect the artistic urban image. We can reach it with the community involvement as working together using their own professional abilities to improve their community. We can request voluntaries outside of Christiania to work in this process but the main interest should start in the desire of the Freetown.

The project should be developed with the participation of the whole community. Everybody should agree with the new proposals. Everybody should assume one exclusive responsibility to put it in action. Each person need to have your part. If the Community wants to change or wants to improve its commonwealth, everybody should be involved together.

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