25th Day: How can take place the art interventions?

I will start the process of propose new interventions in the city. In the next posts I’ll show some perspectives of how the urban space of the city can be improved. As Architect I think the art interventions could propose new places in the Freetown. Little spaces to exhibit art or to propose new spatial configuration can be an interesting way to renovate Christiania urban space and even allow more people to visit Christiania.

I’m showing below two funny examples of how it can happen. The pictures show the Chimney and a Roof near of the lake. I’m showing these places today and how it could be changed. To re-think the icons the Freetown can be a start point to think about the potential of the city. I don’t really mind if they would be build or not. As Architect, I’m interested in expand the spatial possibilities of the Freetown as a way to give a new look for the city.

What about the art interventions? Each artist does have his own eye and his own way to realize their art. At each new art in the public space, new discussions could come about it. New places would emerge. New looks in city. New dreams… more color and more life in Christiania.

New proposal for Chimney

Lake today

Lake with new balconies

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