24th Day: Can Christiania build a New Exhibition Space?

Sure. They can. We need to remind that it demands costs, time and efforts. Do everything by themselves is not the proper way because it would demand much from the individual efforts. To realize something alone is harder than in group. Christiania could ask for voluntaries. This way the dream could easily become true.

Open a call to artists interested in show their art. Open a call to students interested to learn techniques. Open a call to voluntaries interested in help. Everybody can contribute with a little part. Propose to open the workshops of Christiania to the outsiders of the city can stimulate people to come here and learn something. Artists and students can propose art interventions with some relationship with the history of Christiania. They can construct their art in Christiania’s workshops. To construct anything is quite expensive, isn’t? The answer is “No”. Nowadays many artists are realizing their art work with recycled material. Wood, cardboard, paper and glass are examples of some materials used to do art. It’s cheaper. It’s ecological. It’s educational.

Stimulate people to come to Christiania produce their art is not a problem. Christiania does have this space. Christiania can open a call to artists and students interested in show theirs art proposals. The art interventions can be selected by a jury of the Freetown. Artists construct their art in Christiania’s workshops and expose then in Freetown urban space. Visitors arriving in Christiania would see the art and the history narrated through it. What would they feel about this art? …. I don’t really know… But I’m sure they would like of this approach.

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