23rd Day: A new place to Christiania’s History and Arts

The Urban Diagnosis consists to have an overview of the city. This overview include the indication of some weakness and potentialities of the city and even highlight some of their qualities. After identify these qualities and transform them in concepts, we can start a process to gather these words and try to re-arrange them in a answer. As Architect, I’m doing a project.

Working with the concepts indicated in the last post (Art, History, Urban Space, Creativity, Politic, Nature and Community) is easy to arrive in some educational and political program with some artistic content. Gather community, nature and urban space can show us where and how to expose this artistic content.

I propose transform the open spaces of Christiania in a place to count the History of this Society. Christiania doesn’t have any place to expose its history and the people outside don’t even have a fast indication of how the Freetown became true. Christiania naturally does have an artistic urban space. Transform it in a space to do politic already was done. Nowadays the city doesn’t lives a time of fight against the “Formal Control” but they live a time to expose what their achievements. Show these achievements are a way to leave information about Christiania to the others.

An exhibition place in Freetown open spaces could help to narrate Christiania’s history and spread the art they produce in here. It’s one of the ways to answer questions like: Who are Christiania? What happens in this city? What they did? How is the city today?

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