26th Day: Old Park + New Exhibition Space

The park in front of the Loppen can be the start point for implementation of New Exhibition Space. This park is very well sited near of main entrance. This space could works as a bigger green area to collect most of new art works. What we should do is just reallocate the garbage area and clean the area allowing new grass. Nowadays this area is completely empty.

At the first step, I propose new little pavilions where can be exhibited boards and pictures about Christiania’s history. Design of new pavilions could be proposed by artists and/or students of architecture. They could be constructed in groups of some few people oriented by some tutor or carpenter. The construction would start in Christiania’s workshops and would be easily assembled in place.

These news places could be constructed with recycled material and would be spread at park together with trees. Also interventions in trees would be allowed. The Skate Indoor would continue in the same place but working integrated with this new park. This New Exhibition Space would have same characterization with Christiania’s architecture once time it would be build in local and would have a design done in the human scale.

Park Today

New Exhibition Park

Park behind of Skate Indoor (Today)

Park behind of Skate Indoor with new interventions

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