27th Day: Pusher Street and New Hash Square

Pusher Street always was the highlight of Christiania. This road is really symbolic to the community because it opens the Freetown to the world around it. Is impossible to think about a New Pusher Street… the way is to think about how we wish our Pusher Street.

Nowadays the Pusher Street is almost gray with its faded colors in most of buildings. The pavement does have some holes and at night it doesn’t have any light. The way should be give to the street the same look that Freetown does have: colored, funny and well maintained.

I’m proposing new painting interventions in buildings and in pavements. I also suggest some green way between the buildings. These green ways could support arts like sculptures and some funny lighting. Pusher Street could work like a small boulevard where people could walk through sculptures and colored arts.

Nowadays the Pushers are sited spread out in middle of Street and keep the buildings hide behind their stands and signs. Also I suggest offer the Pushers their own place and this way we could reveal the architecture of the Pusher Street. Pushers can be very well sited in the square near of the Nemoland. They already use this area and it could be called Pusher Square. This is a way to stimulate the maintenance of their own place instead of seize the public space of main street. Stands of Pushers could be constructed by themselves or even be proposed by artists.

Open Pusher Street is a way to invite people to visit Christiania. Also it would encourage the maintenance of Street by the ones who use it. This encouragement would return us with the color and the pleasure in walk through this historical street.

Pusher Street (Today)
Pusher Street Art Boulevard

Hash Market (Today)

New Pusher Square

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