28th Day: Process for implementation

The process of implementation this Exhibitions Spaces in Christiania should take time. The urban renovation without any amount depends of the number of people interested in to be involved in the project. I divided this process in 3 stages. All of them require time to observe how people are interacting with project implementation.

These 3 stages represent 3 areas: 1) The park in front of Loppen; 2) The Entrace of Pusher Street; 3) The Pushers Area. Each area should be occupied in different times in this same sequence. Implementation would happen gradually and after each implementation would be observed the results of it. Successfully in intervention means implementation can goes on. Each area should be prepared before it receives new works of arts.

This process would take time but it’s better way to allow interaction with Community. Some areas should be reallocated to allow this intervention. This reallocation doesn’t require any big effort because it can be done by Christiania. The main effort should get from the Danish Govern the permission to do these improvements. I’m not sure if Danish Govern would deny interventions which concern art implementation to educational purposes…

First Stage: Occupy the green park

Two zones in Pusher Street: with and without hash market

Re-allocate Pushers

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