9th Day: The Pusher Street

Yesterday I wrote about Drugs. Today I write about the Pusher Street because is impossible write about drugs and don’t write about the Pusher Street.

The Pusher Street is the main Street in the commercial area of Christiania. It’s interesting to notice that in spite of this Street to be the main connection with Copenhagen, it’s not seen straightly from the streets around it. The street is a kind of hidden or secret street. We can’t see it from the Prinsessegade Street, from the Refshalevej or even from the canal. It’s hidden between residential buildings and high vegetation. I think it´s one of the characteristics which help the illegal commerce to stay there. When the people don't see what is happening there, they don't even want to change it. The middle of the Pusher Street concentrates the illegal hash market.

Another thing I notice is the potential of the Pusher Street. Historically it´s where happens the political public manifestations of the Christianities. Many political discussions and artistic interventions already taken place in there. It´s a huge symbol for Freetown Christiania but for the moment it's blurred by some strange agony feeling.

The fire in cans at night, the vigilance and the "No photo, Please" signs wrote in red spray paint, creates a bad impression of the Christiania Community due this street to be the Gate to the Freetown.

My opinion is that this street should be reformulated to an original urban design and works as an trophy to Christiania... The problem is to have a license by the Danish Government to apply this project.....

The Woodstock Bar

A little market of clothes

The hash commerce

Pusher Street in the morning

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